ISN Fellowships

Dear Member,

The next Fellowship application deadline is 15 June.
Please promote the Fellowship Program and this deadline with your contacts and help identify deserving candidates.
In the recent years, ISN has expanded the fellowship program to allow opportunities for nephrologists to train in their own region of the world rather than in North America, Europe or Australasia. Please feel free to contact me if you have any question in this regards.

Such Fellowships are consistent with the overall goal of the Fellowship Program to build capacity by offering appropriate clinical and research training and ISN has partnered with some key organizations to encourage intra-regional trainings. Click here to explore all possibilities offered by the ISN partners.

You can also find all relevant information on the Program on the Fellowship Program webpage and consult the Fellowship booklet for any practical detail on the program and application process.

Do not hesitate to contact Samantha Rens at the ISN Headquarters from the ISN office should you have any question or need help to submit an application. She can also provide you with some more details as regards to your participation in the Program from your region. You can reach Samantha at

Many thanks for your valuable cooperation!

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Kind regards,

David Harris
ISN GO Fellowship Program Chair


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