ISN Sister Renal Center Program

The SRC Program links renal centers in emerging countries with supporting centers of excellence in the developed world.
It nurtures partnerships between two centers by supplying funding, a framework, and educational benefits.  Successful centers, which show documented accomplishments, will progress within the program acquiring greater support and more benefits, during a period of 6 years. 3 levels of support will be given (starting at C, B and A).

You can apply to enter the program for the first time or request an upgrade to the next level.

Any two renal centers or units can form a partnership if at least one center is from a low, middle or upper middle income country (as per World Bank List of Economies) and the centers are run by an ISN member. They need to submit a detailed action and budget plan, and a clear description of how the collaboration will develop the services of the emerging center.

New sister pairs apply to enter the program at level C and typically stay 2 consecutive years at the same level. At each level, centers must submit progress reports stating their accomplishments to progress within the different stages. They will be assessed at each level change if they are eligible to acquire more support and benefits. Graduated centers can apply for the Trio Program, encouraging them to support a third emerging center within their region. Honorary B Levels are assigned to centers which have failed to upgrade from  level  B to A. Honorary sister pairs have one extra chance to apply for an upgrade.

Download detailed SRC Guidelines
If you satisfy all criteria, you can register and create your application.

October 1 each year.